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Related article: Date: Monday, November 12, 2007 16 38th 33 -0700 From: ray6645 yahoo. com Subject: my brother dominated -10 lunch. There may be a small snack, and many lemonade. She wanted me to have a full bladder, if someone wants to see me pee. I have a half a peanut butter sandwich. They said, I have too much protein in just minutes. They did not want my ​​stomach is too full to take a lot of sperm in it. I poured the Sandwich, , and then had to take two large glasses of lemonade for me. Chris went home for lunch. After that is done, I was told it would be nice if my hole have been opened, in the case of one of these browsers would catch me. I knew what was coming, or rather, running. Mike had me bend over, open my legs, and touch the floor with your hands. When n me in this position, put a little Vaseline on his finger and pushed to the finger in the ass. It does not hurt so much when it do that, but Lolita Toplists stillprovides some pain in my young body. And it humiliating to do his own brother at his disposal. I have all the good and lubricated ready for the Boy Scouts to come and run young cocks in my ass. I really expected that most children over and fuck my ass. Do you have what feels good, you must have a cock up there. When Chris returned from his lunch, he was cheerful and full of the n devil. He told Mike that I need to get some exercise. and that my nuts need some practice, having just hung up round. Mike and I looked at him curiously. turned out he had been reading again for lunch. that decided that my penis and testicles needed some weight lifting. There was Mike Get some twine, and something that might have something more important. Microphone proposal, bell basement bar. "That would be the only n. " Chris was very excited for this purpose is in front of the Boy Scouts have there, and had become part. Mike ran windows has stairs bar bells, and some wires. I knew it was a fun exercise. You have the elements, and began to tie a rope around the head of my cock, and then another piece of my eggs. Both were close it, and began to hurt. My mother turned bright red and the n to the beginning of a dull ache. It was decided that to happen the first n be, would be to see the amount of could not lift weight balls for the " hard" big brother. The first elevator was only two pounds, and it hurts like hell, but can be from a kneeling position to stand up with weight. I was told to kneel down again, and added two pounds. It almost made ​​me mourn when he wanted to get up. If desired, was I 'd been kicked in the balls, and pretty hard, dass But I bit the teeth and bear the pain, but with my eyes watered a bit. is laugh about big brother hard with tears in his eyes. Chris came to and hit a numberand bar bell, and sent them to vibrate. Now this is a new pain was spread balls and changes from one side to another. Mike took a different weight, and tied the rope from my tap n. He dropped the weight too fast, and the chain slipped from my from the tap. Now that was very wrong. I felt like a hundred knives cutting on my glans. But that has not stopped just tied the rope, , and tied it tighter, then let the weight slowly, so they dragged on my tail. A new pain. They laughed at me, and I have the camera again. Nothing like having your younger brother to take a picture of you with your cock out of her s and balls all tied up. To get the right light, I had to turn around , and this caused a new pain with every movement. I was sure that my eggs are eliminated, and if not, that my dick to be amputated. But I did not care, it was fun to see the older brother of pain. Finally, she got bored with that and took the rope from my balls Hahn. But because it was so red, thought it needed some ointment , so Mike went to the bathroom and came up with something more Ben -Gay. Yes, she made me rub my penis, balls and ass. was in Lolita Toplists pain again. They just laughed at my situation. Here I am, brother of the s and the two guys who do what I is supposed to do. Meanwhile, all my genitals were like fire, was n raw from the rope. was the time of the meeting of the Boy Scouts to be more, says Mike told me to wash all that Ben -Gay and clean for new customers. Set in an after-shave, so you smell good. n, but n before leaving, we both need to pee, and do not want to walk all the way to the bathroom to do that to kneel, so here and help us a little, told me Mike it. I knelt down and opened my mouth to receive pee her as an older brother well. They urinated in my mouth, and I had to swallow very fast for all down. Thank God they did is one at a time, do not keep up with the power that, if were urinated in my mouth. Around this time the doorbell rang. This is because the Boy Scouts, who were to be that come to us after the meeting. I told him to leave the answer the door, and invite them to do and welcome them. Only three of the ten year old boy appeared in the patrol car. But that was fine with me. My ass was sore, my penis was sore, and my mother were so sensitive that I could go n ot. Mike welcomed the children and told them what was the deal, and showed them the list price of things I would do. One of the boys asked if was there the price of things off the list. Chris told him that if In this case the price is determined at this time. three boys were Rob, Greg and Tom. Rob was the patrol leader and the largest the group. He had the same age as me and was so far along puberty, like me. The other two were only 11, and had a lot orf questions. I had to answer them all. This saw the price list, and asked how we did. Mike and Chris told them to could do what they wanted, or do not care what they wanted me to do n , and it would track each of your accounts, and if you do n Mike could afford. N Rob asked if he used my tail, which can be touched by now fully erect. Microphone told him to do what he wanted to do, and ask me to do everything, and that happen. Said Rob stopped and grabbed my cock very sore, and was removed and turned to see if again, I guess. The next n I grabbed her breasts and twisted it and pulled it until I thought that could only get out of my skin. I have very large nipples, and This must be why he played with them. Then I waved na off short, and the riders. I did as soon as possible, I wanted to see his cock for a long time, and that would be one of close and personal visit. I saw him naked, Fridayom the waist down. What a beautiful to the eye. What I was looking at this cute face five inches penis with balls that hung about three inches below your body. I Get to his shorts at his feet, and stacked neatly on the floor. He stretched his right foot, and I suspected that I wanted to remove my sandals. Has the two apart, and as I did, he pulled his T -shirt browser, adding that s the pile of clothes. I was now naked in front of me, and I was kneeling in front of this guy , you want to ask me to do all sorts of things, but was not sure of what I wanted I have to make your friends. He just sucking cock for a minute. There was a small pre -cum, the species I was surprised. But he knew very well, I Lolita Toplists sucked even harder. After a while he pulled me out of his instrument. He turned and bowed to kiss his ass myself. It Lolita Toplists was so sweet and round, was not problem. After leaving thecked her ass for a few minutes stood an and said that the other kids get a Lolita Toplists turn. observed Greg and Tom had this with great interest. You do not have to know what to do, but while I was kissing Rob 's ass, who had the idea of ​​ to be naked. When I was with Rob, both do children were naked and sporting huge hard -ons. Well, if the greatest three inches or less. Greg was a little bigger, and he was ahead of his line at my eye level. Not a single hair was around her little tail, but it was definitely hard. I kicked in the mouth to get it. Moved My tongue around his penis and he complained a great " that's fine " and so I stopped in it. Moved my hands on the balls of her ass. only one mere handful to get my hands on. He put his hands on my head, and moves back and forth as she sucked. He started pulling harder and harder, , and within minutes had a strong dry orgasm. He stopped in front of me, but I kept sucking on the tail. Tom sHelping him was my turn, but he wanted me to have her ass while kissing Rob. Greg has appeared in, and leaned over to me n , cute her ass. I little easier, and said, , which so tickled Mike told me that the research center, and licking his hole. He knew well, not bad as I thought it might, , but it was fun to hear you laugh like lick and he loved his ass eaten. I put my hands on her hips and pulled him, as I got tongue took her little hole. He liked that, judging by the complaints n him. Rob at this time was also in this. Now I wanted it to on all fours , and my shoulders on the floor so that my ass stuck in the air for all to see. He fell to his knees and front of me. His cock was pretty good with his pre -cum lubricated. pulled his cock break her ass up and down, and wow, is that a good feeling. lubricant with your pre- cum on my ass. And then slowly began to to break your ass. It has a little more than a sore Mike, but it was bearable. Rob Hahn walked all the way and I could feel, his balls against mine. He did it all the way in a few seconds, then pulled it out and began pulsating movement. Do not have him, but a few minutes to shoot his load. He came around and grabbed my tits again, and every time I came in, they recede into the my ​​tits. My penis was in full swing and the more I took, the better feel my cock. I loved the feeling of fullness of his cock in my ass. Finally fell one last time, and I could feel his cock shooting his sperm me. He broke his back, and heaved a deep sigh. He , and let him enjoy the moment. Rob turned slowly on his body and was on my side. He lay in the ground and roll relaxed, soft, tail to one side. Greg said he also wanted to try. So I stayed with her ass in the air. My ass was leaking some Rob "s cum down my leg, but the n means that Greg will not have trouble getting their beautiful three inch cock inside me. Greg just moved behind me and put his cock s little in my ass. Sorry, but I did not complete feeling that Rob did what was disappointing in some way. I tried to take drastic measures in the queue, but I do not have the feeling that you must have n. He was in and out of impulse, but it was good for him. ( O me. ) So he left after a few minutes. said I told her to suck until she had an orgasm, but said he I did not want him to lick his ass dass more. that s really liked it. So he lay on the floor and spread her legs, , and began to eat his ass. They love to eat the little ass. no ass better than boys. He licked my ass and my tongue slipped out of his hole, and he moaned as he only liked to eat with his donkey. While this is happening to Tom on his back with his cock in my ass crack, andthe straws. I moved my ass to help an one time back. He had a dry orgasm good and totally relaxed to my ​​back. It felt good, had his weight on my back, it was nice and warm. At this time, Rob had gathered his wits about himself, and said that it was time to go for it. Mike asked how much he should us, and Mike said that a dollar more and more would be sufficient. Therefore, all children was in my pants and pulled out a dollar. Mike collected the fees. The boys began to dress and prepare to leave. Mike said he would have been such good customers, so any n could train on my nuts as hard as they did before leaving. I was at the door, and offer each one of them fired, and present my nuts for them to torture. After the boys left, Mike and Chris split the money. I have thirty cents in afternoon work and were 35 for one U. S. dollar. UU. contribute. I was delighted with the money. I hope the word is around and more customers next time - - - - - - - - In this case you can send your comments to: ray6645 yahoo. com u003cmailto : ray6645 yahoo. com u003e try to answer all comments. Thank you for reading
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